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Perpetual Prayer Ephesians a 2. Petitionary Prayer Ephesians 6: 18b 3. Powerful Prayer Ephesians 6: 18c 4.

Taking the Sword

Perseverant Prayer Ephesians 6: 18d 5. Purposeful Prayer Ephesians 6: 18e. As we continue our study of Ephesians 6 and spiritual warfare, and although we have already talked about the six pieces of the spiritual armor which Paul mentions, we still have one vitally important piece left. And although we looked last week at what many people think is the only weapon in the list— the sword of the spirit —today we come to another weapon which is just as powerful, maybe even more powerful at times.

Besides the sword, the soldiers also had spears and their bows with quivers full of arrows.

The Word of God Is Our Weapon

Then there were other weapons in Roman warfare, like the battering ram and the catapult. Sometimes horses could be trained to use their hooves as a weapon.

You know how armies and militaries are—always trying to get the upper hand against their enemies by creating and designing new and improved weapons. Well, this weapon is the Secret Weapon God has given to us to fight enemy forces.

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This weapon is something that the enemy does not have, that the enemy cannot stop, that the enemy cannot thwart. There is no defense for this type of weapon. But if Paul were writing the book of Ephesians today, and comparing our pieces of spiritual armor to the types of armor and weapons used in modern warfare, I think that he would have a very ready illustration of what this secret weapon is.

This weapon began to be used in the Korean and Vietnam wars. This weapon is the perfect example of this last piece of spiritual armor. Air support. When a platoon is under heavy fire, they call in air support. They get on their radio, and give the coordinates of where they need some bombs dropped, and as quickly as possible, jets fly over and drop bombs onto the coordinates.

The Weapons of our warefare "The Word of God "

This technology has developed over the years. In Vietnam, they sometimes ran into the problem of wrong coordinates, or the bombs not being dropped accurately enough, and so many U. In the Gulf War, they had these laser guided precision bombs and missiles, which we were all amazed at then.

God’s Truth is Our Weapon in Spiritual Warfare

But more recently, as our forces closed in on Baghdad, both the Iraqi people and all of us Americans as we were glued to our television sets were literally in shock and awe. That phrase described it very well. Using intelligence gathering data and global positioning satellites, and smart bombs, we were able to win a war in record time. But more importantly, we only lost about soldiers in this war, and were at the same time able to keep civilian Iraqi casualties to a minimum. All in all, it was an amazing war, as fire fell from the sky on the criminals of the Iraqi government.

I think that if Paul was writing today, he would use this as his illustration here when he wrote Ephesians In these verses, Paul writes about prayer. Paul, if he were writing today, would have written to us about the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shoes of the gospel, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, the sword of the Word of God, and finally, in verses , the air support of prayer, or maybe we could say, the laser-guided smart bombs of prayer.

This section on prayer is the third in the book of Ephesians. The previous two passages are found at the end of chapter 1 and another at the end of chapter 3. And in both of these other sections, one of the main things Paul says is that we should be praying for is power. And now, here at the end of his letter, he tells us how our prayers can be powerful. How, in this spiritual war, we can call down the fire power from heaven. Lewis wrote in his book Mere Christianity that this world is enemy-occupied territory and that Christianity is the story of how the rightful king has landed, and is calling us all to take part in a great campaign of sabotage.

Prayer is how we spiritually fight back against the enemy. They have the dim lighting and the cushioned seats with the padded kneelers.

Taking the Sword

There is soft music playing above, the oak doors and stained glass window, a little counter for your Bible and pencils. The cup holder for your latte. But prayer is warfare activity. A Prayer closet should be a foxhole!

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With sandbags and bullet shells. We are at war! Prayer is not chatting on the phone with God, it is the frantic radio calls of a platoon under heavy fire calling for air support. Send in help! We need your intervention, and we need it now, or we are not going to survive!

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  8. And it is often helpful to band together with other Christians in this. When the pioneers headed west, they would always situate their wagons into a circle to give them better protection. We should do that as well in prayer. We are in a war and we need to pray like it.

    Ephesians From this text we learn five things about the how to use prayer in Spiritual Warfare. We get this from the first two words of verse 18 where it says praying always.

    Utilizing the Weapon of God's Word in Prayer | Generals International

    The NAS follows the literal word order best. That we should be praying always reminds us of what Paul said in 1 Thess , that we should pray without ceasing. It means rather, that we should always be maintaining an attitude of prayer. I am trying to develop the habit of being in a state of conscious communication with God while I go about my day. When I walk or drive back and forth to school, I thank God for the song of the birds, or the sun in the sky.

    As I eat my lunch, I thank him for the way the food tastes. As I prepare my messages and do my paperwork, I pray for clarity of thought and a wise use of my time. As I spend time with my family, I thank God that I have a wonderful wife and daughters. Many times during the day, I find that some good Christian music playing in the background can help me maintain this spirit of prayer.

    My mind can be shuffling the papers on my desk and simultaneously singing the words of the song to God. Singing is a form of prayer, you know. In fact, if you struggle with praying always, one of the best ways to get into the habit of it is to play Christian worship music as much as possible. In your car. At your desk at work. As you prepare supper, or wash dishes.

    Soon, you will find yourself singing the songs as you go about your day, and as you sing them, you are, in a sense, praising God and praying the words to Him. Now, I am not nearly as good at this as I have just made myself out to sound. In fact, I would say that despite the descriptions I just gave you, most of the time, I am not in an attitude of prayer.

    It is difficult to maintain, but it is a goal we should all nevertheless pursue. For that is what Paul calls us to. The first aspect of warfare praying is that we should be praying always. It should be perpetual prayer. We get this from what he says next in verse The first term prayer, refers to general requests whereas the second term, supplication some of you maybe have petitions or requests , is a word for specific prayer needs.

    Now most of us do this sort of thing automatically. We have the general prayer item for those of you who are involved in witnessing and evangelism efforts. We pray for you in general. But then, as we hear of specific needs or specific people who need prayer, we can also pray for you or them by name. So Paul is just calling us to pray for all different types of requests and needs—general and specific.

    To put it simply, Paul says that spiritual warfare prayer means that we have to pray for things! I think that too many of us have wrong and false ideas about prayer. He never asks God for anything. The Word of God is more than instructions of righteousness.