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When this occurs over and over again, generation after generation, we can begin to see how a generational curse is formed.

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The idea behind the term soul mate is that there is one person, created by God whom you are destined to spend eternity with. Soul Mates: Remember the classic example of soul mates; Romeo and Juliet, and how terribly that ended? I will show you how good soul ties are formed in a Godly and healthy way and then show you how Satan has twisted and perverted them for his own destructive purposes. Then there are emotional soul ties.

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Strong soul ties are forged out of shared experiences and emotions. Consider Ruth and Naomi. Their mutual lose, mourning and grief impacts Ruth to such an extent that she decides to cut her biological and social ties to her past and form a deep connection to her mother in law, Naomi. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. She has made a commitment and we see how God uses these moments of revelation to weave outsiders into His family tapestry. When we talk about peer pressure, what we are essentially talking about is soul ties.

People are so connected to their peer group that they no longer have the desire to act independently. We can also have spiritual soul ties. Since we are spiritual beings, we learn best through relationships. God gave us the ability to impart, wisdom, knowledge, skill and spiritual gifts to one another. Throughout the Bible, we see examples of mentor-mentee relationships. Instead of instructing each other in the ways of the Lord, societies become flooded with corrupt systems of thinking. Finally, we have physical soul ties.

Probably the most well-known method of creating a soul tie is through sexual relationships. These soul ties can be formed through any kind of sexual activity. God created us with an intense desire for oneness, to be known by another person, to be seen, loved and appreciated. These desires are designed to be fulfilled through marriage and the sexual union between a husband and his wife.

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We come together physically and bring forth new life! So, now we see this holy and beautiful entwining of two separate and distinct people becoming one, being used to sell everything from cars to cigarettes. We defiled the wedding bed. We no longer appreciate the sanctity of marriage.

Of course, soul ties can be formed in other ways as well, mentally, culturally, etc. I have provided enough insight that you are now able to connect the dots. Now you can see additional ways in which soul ties are meant to unite us for the glory of God, and how Satan has used them to bind us.

Many of our primary relationships that ought to be good, holy, supportive, caring and nurturing have been destroyed or tangled by our sins and the work of the enemy. God designed soul ties for our good. Donate Now. Posted on February 11, Posted By: admin Categories: Family Can a person commit adultery while never having physical contact with someone?

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Our Island of Faith. Faith Island. Do your thoughts produce fear or make you feel unclean? Whatever is going on in your mind is affecting your emotional state.

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Your feelings are indicators of what you are thinking about. I will be the first to admit that this is not easy, but it is necessary. You can do this. As a Christian you can get your thoughts under the control of your reborn spirit.

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Be persistent. I was desperate to move beyond my circumstances no matter how painful it would be. We wait for an easier way, but we stay miserable inside. What is God telling you to do?

Be honest with yourself right now. If God was standing in front of you right now, what do you believe He would instruct you to do in your situation?

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Remember, partial obedience is still disobedience. Delayed obedience is still disobedience. God is not trying to hurt you. You will never regret obeying God. God wants you to let go of the past and get on a pursuit.