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Kids make friends everywhere they go -- including online. But are all of these friendships the same?

Save a Friend: Tips for Teens to Prevent Suicide

How can kids start online friendships and also learn ways to stay safe? Help your students understand both the benefits and the risks of online-only friendships.

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How can you protect yourself from phishing? Internet scams are part of being online today, but many kids might not be aware of them. How do we help our students avoid being tricked into clicking malicious links or giving out private information? Use this lesson to help kids avoid online identity theft and phishing schemes. How do you chat safely with people you meet online? Games, social media, and other online spaces give kids opportunities to meet and chat with others outside the confines of their real-life communities. But how well do kids actually know the people they're meeting and interacting with?

Help students consider whom they're talking to and the types of information they're sharing online. How do companies collect and use data about you?

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Every time we go online, we're giving away information about ourselves. But just how much data are companies collecting from us? Hint: It's probably a lot more than we realize. Show your students these three tips on how to limit the data that companies collect.

How does social media affect our relationships? For most middle-schoolers, being on social media can mean connecting with friends, sharing pictures, and keeping up to date. But it can also mean big-time distractions, social pressures, and more.

Help students navigate the different feelings they may already be experiencing on social media. How can you protect your privacy when you're online? Kids share a lot of information whenever they go online -- sometimes on purpose, sometimes not.

Friend of My Youth

But do they understand that online privacy isn't just what they say and post? Help your students learn about their digital footprints and the steps they can take to shape what others find and see about them. What are the risks and potential consequences of sexting? It's natural for teens to be curious about their emerging sexuality. But most middle-schoolers aren't prepared for the risks of exploring this in the digital age. Help students think critically about self-disclosure in relationships and practice how they'd respond to a situation where sexting -- or a request for sexting -- might happen.

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Help kids practice smart internet habits and stay safe online. The problem is, once you peel off the paper and ribbon, there's no soul underneath. These stories are written with a dispassionate eye that mostly skims the surface. They're too gossipy for me. Too petty. They don't have any heart. Alice Munro is second to none! That collection stories made me think it would be good to revisit in the future. This collection was pretty disappointing.

These felt As if the author was working through a checklist. AND, every story nearly exactly 30 pages long, what's up with that? Some stories cold have been told with the same punch in just a handful of sentences. A couple stories in, this started to feel like a collection of cliches- with a "by women, for women" feeling.

I liked the last story "wigtime" and the one about the department store owner and his wife though not enough to page through and pick out the title. I will eventually give Munro another chance, because her work is well written, and precise- but this book was a series of forgettable yawns to me--I hope the next one is better.

Mar 30, Patty rated it liked it. This book has been in my bookcase, unread, for over two decades and Ms. Munro's recent Nobel Prize win prompted me to finally open it. I found a collection of surprisingly earthy, sexual and sometimes disturbing —but believable—tales of the everyday lives of farm and small town residents in Ontario. Munro was pushing 60 when she wrote these stories but these are not the tea-cozy tales of an impending retiree.

For the most part her language is incisive, astringent and rarely superfluous. Virtuall This book has been in my bookcase, unread, for over two decades and Ms. Virtually each story plunges the reader into a situation, builds tension and history and contains a surprising twist. Characters often 'make do' with their lot. An unmarried sister lives in the back of the family house—relinquishing the better accommodation to her married sister, despite a deep betrayal.

A husband forgives his wife's affair. Another husband takes up with a teen age girl. Munro is at her best in describing tough Canadian climates and women's bodies with all the indignities, diseases and sensuality they encounter. Munro is a true master of her genre. I'd only seen her name in passing. Also I've not been in the habit of reading short stories since I was an English major.

My love for reading short stories have been rekindled with this collection.

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I plan to read more of her story collections. I chose Friend of My Youth not expecting to really relate to any of the stories or really care about the characters since I read that Munro writes about ordinary Canadi Before Alice Munro had won the Nobel Prize in literature I hadn't read anything by her. I chose Friend of My Youth not expecting to really relate to any of the stories or really care about the characters since I read that Munro writes about ordinary Canadians and their lives with sometimes surprising twists.

I did relate and also enjoyed her prose. She has a way of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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Even her descriptions of home furnishings and landscapes are interesting. Some of these short stories are like miniature novels. The characters often recall the past and try to liven up their mundane existences through literature writing or reciting poetry and more frequently affairs.

Often friends and spouses are betrayed, but somehow life rolls on. Jun 20, Blake rated it it was amazing Shelves: fiction , modern-classics. Different collections, though, can do different things. Friend of My Youth , because of its careful lengths and its doubled permission to allow the mundane its earned enlargement, reproduces, or rather produces, that first-second nearness and assembles the familiar voice out of its strange ones. Nov 16, Katie rated it it was amazing.