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What is here are some stories that deal very poignantly and viscerally with grief, with oppression, and with people reaching out to other people. That finds people dealing with loss in very profound ways but working through those losses to try and find community, or joy, or love, or purpose. The stories feature moments great and small of people starting something, taking a chance and sparking change.

And life. And hope. No Spoilers: Dengwen is a data analyst working with SETI, and a person who has struggled with trying to conceive and carry a child to term. Who has perhaps given up, just as many seem to have given up on the planet as a whole, hoping to find some salvation in space, from another sentient civilization.

Only that hope is slim and fragile, made bold by a promising lead but still with years to find out if it might be salvation or ruin.

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Bent toward that one thing and all the complex feelings that come with it. Review: The story does a very good job at conveying this almost numb hope that keeps Dengwen going. This drive toward having a child, which is such a complicated thing with the extinction of humanity looming. Looming not because of the necessity to reproduce, though, but because of the near futility of it.

That having a child might be just dooming that child to the end of the world. A floating barren cage of metal. And yet. But the result of it is a little more nebulous. Something that maybe should have been left dormant, that maybe is dangerous and deadly. But that maybe is beautiful and powerful all the same. That maybe is alive all the same, and it does seem to help give people direction and purpose and something to work for. No Spoilers: Karen is an astronaut who has been grounded by a cancer that seems linked perhaps to an incident she had in space.

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In an institution and sick, nearing death, she has the chance to think about her life and the end of it and what she wants from it. The piece is heavy with the weight of expectation, the way that death seems to to forgo any pretense of stalking her. For me it gets at the idea of recovery and hope and life. Because she belongs up there in the clear black of space, pushing out against the pressure pushing her back toward Earth. Because she wants to meet that great unknown out there, doing what she loves, rather than running from it.

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In stock online Available in stores. Welcome to the Tomorrow Factory. On your left, post-human hedonists on a distant space station bring diseases back in fashion,…. Cypher by Rich Larson. Pre-order online Not yet available in stores. The gripping sequel to Rich Larson's beautiful and gut-wrenching debut Annex about two outsiders surviving, fighting back, and finding family at the end of the world.

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The invasion is over, but not all the aliens are gone. As the outside world learns what…. As I say in the few minutes before the story gets going on the podcast, you can imagine my utter delight and many squees when Neil [Clarke] told me we were putting up the story for January. What a way to start ! Without sounding like a total fangirl here, this story is awesome on so many levels.

January – Neil Clarke

With anything in the written or spoken word, your imagination has to do all the work. The artists give you the broad strokes. This story is almost an Alfred Hitchcock approach to imagery, by dancing around the grotesque, your mind is left to make up the difference.