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Interview With A Paranormal Investigator Part 2 (Collab With Paranormal Philippines)

No one else in his class would have an alligator as a pet, Sean thought. The doorbell rang as Brian and Sean finished clearing the table, and Mrs. Quinn got up to answer it. In a few minutes Mrs. Quinn into the kitchen. Gomez answered, and smiled. Quinn, "something terrible has happened at the museum. I want to hire you as a private investigator.

He turned to Brian and Sean.

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Growing up with a father who was a professional private investigator, Brian and Sean had had many opportunities to help him on his cases. It began because Mr. Quinn liked to "talk out a case" with himself.

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Talking out loud, he said, helped him think. Brian and Sean liked listening to their father. Sometimes he would stop talking and ask them what they thought about a case. Brian and Sean especially liked that their father didn't consider their questions or comments silly just because they were kids. He said that being a kid could actually be an advantage to an investigator.

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A kid could look at something with a different perspective than an adult, he said. And being able to look at evidence from different angles was often the key to cracking a case. After a while, Mr. Quinn began to treat Brian and Sean almost as if they were his assistants. Their help had paid off, too. In one recent case, for instance, Brian and Sean had helped their father prove that it wasn't a ghost who was haunting the Pine Tree Inn.

In another case, Brian and Sean had uncovered evidence that called into question the authenticity of a mysterious photograph of "Bigfoot. Gomez said. We've heavily advertised the exhibit, and it's scheduled to go on display in just one week.

Backstage With a Ghost

If the sketches aren't found by then What am I going to do? Quinn said in his calm, professional private investigator's voice. They'll be able to search the museum. Also, they'll be able to get warrants to search your employees' homes. That's something that as a private investigator I don't have the legal right to do. Gomez told him. I also called our insurance company.

I was told by the manager of their theft division that ordinarily they would bring in one of their own investigators immediately. But sometimes they prefer to hire private investigators, especially in cases that need to be solved quickly—like this one.

Disney Adventures Casebusters: Backstage with a Ghost No. 3 by Joan Lowery Nixon (1996, Paperback)

He gave me your name, John. He knew you'd not only be efficient but would keep the situation as quiet as possible. Brian imagined that his father had pulled out the notebook and pen he always carried with him. A notepad and a pen, his father had explained many times before, are a private investigator's most important tools.

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Brian, who planned to someday become a private investigator, too, pulled his own notebook and pen from a pocket in his jeans. Quinn urged, "noting exactly when you discovered that the sketches were missing. Gomez said, "on Friday afternoon. My staff and I looked through them, checked the list, and everything was included. She died from complications of pancreatic cancer on June 28, , in Houston, Texas. She was Virginia Andersen Coronado, CA is a freelance author and writer who has written or contributed to nearly 25 books about PC-based applications, including many student tutorials and accompanying instructor manuals with exercise disks.

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